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Where are you in the Cashflow Quadrant?

Robert Kiyosaki

A few months ago, I read Robert Kiyosaki’s book, Rich Dad’s CASHFLOW Quadrant: Rich Dad’s Guide to Financial Freedom. It blew my mind.

The “E” stands for Employee.
The “S” stands for Self-Employed.
The “B” stands for Big Business Owner.
The “I” stands for Investor.

In his book, Robert suggests that 95% of people are E & S, but only control 5% of the wealth in the world.  The B’s & I’s represent about 5% of the population and–gladly–control 95% of the wealth.

Having been an “E” from age 10 to even now with one 2-hour-per-week job at the YMCA, and enjoying being an “S” for the last eight years, I saw the light.  I want to be a “B” who then becomes an “I”.  Yes, I make much more money as an “S” that I ever was going to make as an “E” school teacher.  I make my own hours, choose my staff, and decide how I’m going to reinvest in my business.  However, I can’t be late for appointments, and I must be present for all posted office hours.  I can’t call in sick.  I have even brought under-the-weather kids to work with me if they have to miss school.  Being an “S” gives some freedoms, but I don’t feel as free as the B’s & I’s are.

Even though Robert Kiyosaki made all of his money in Real Estate with an extraordinary concept he calls “making money using other people’s money,” he recommends Network Marketing to those of us with limited cashflow.  Network Marketing has a small barrier of entry and ANYONE from ANY background can find success quickly by following mentors and systems already in place.

Where are you in the Quadrant?  Are you free?

Jessica Avitabile
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