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The only constant is change. Since I was about 13 years old, I have been obsessed with calendars. I would manage these intricate paper calendars with colored pens and highlighters. I was clearly a Type A from the get-go. My 525-square-foot office has four wall calendars, and my home has at least six wall calendars that I can recall. I use one for kid stuff, one for appointments, one for clothes (so I don’t wear the same outfit two Thursdays in a row), one for weight, and there is one for each preschool… Attempting to have just one calendar became overwhelming and illegible! I carry my iPhone at all times, and my husband and I┬áhave an electronic, colored-coded shared calendar.

Today, I started an enhanced calendar experience. In addition to my already-designated calendars, I am embarking on a written success calendar!┬áManaging five of our six businesses can leave my brain spinning with To-Do’s and handfuls of notes on scrap paper. Not to mention the seemingly endless texts from staff for needed items. The days of feeling like a rat turned-round┬áin a maze are coming to an end as I am the pilot writing the mission with purpose each day.

Is your calendar system working for you?

Jessica Avitabile
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Jessica Avitabile

Jessica Avitabile is a genuine lover of life.She is a "yes" person who strives to live each minute of every day, consciously scheduling her time for what matters most.

Since college, Jessica has been in business consulting, high school science teaching, and diet coaching.Life coaching is a natural fit for her personality, care for others, and desire to help people live their best lives.

She is an avid dancer, hiker and cyclist.A wife and mother of two beautiful girls, Jessica is especially proud to be a Certified Nia Black Belt teacher, teaching three classes per week on Cape Cod.
Jessica Avitabile
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  • Michelle

    I’ve tried to use my calendar on my phone but I find I really need my paper one to look at. Haven’t found one I love yet though!

  • admin

    Hi Michelle! Thank you for the comment! I use my phone for all appointments and conference calls so I can set alarms. All “To Dos” and grocery lists and “seeds to plant” get written down. This allows me to triage appropriately. If I run out of bread, I somehow have to get it that day and may set a calendar alarm. If I run out of apple sauce, I can wait until the big shop of the week so that item gets added to a list. I recommend chunking time. For example, I have designated 5-6am as computer-outreach time. I will take out my list that I have added to the previous day and go to it. I hope that helps! Jessica ­čÖé